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Naario offers work from home jobs for women without any 'investment'

Working from home has become extremely popular in recent years. It offers adaptability, cuts out the need for a daily commute, and enables individuals to effectively balance work and personal life. 

If you're a woman looking for work-from-home opportunities with no upfront costs, you've come to the right place! We have special opportunities for dedicated and passionate women seeking flexible work. Say goodbye to rigid schedules and hello to the opportunity to work on your terms.

What is brand Naario?

Naario is a wholesome food brand on a mission to make nutrition simple. And it's run by women like you. This is a food brand that was created by women for women and their families.

Who are Naario Partners? 

Naario Partners is a group made up of strong, passionate, and ambitious women who are interested in both health and business and sell Naario Products. They are motivated and committed to making a significant contribution in these areas, and they strive for excellence and success. 

Naario Partners are a diverse group of people, including housewives, home chefs, educators, dieticians, and others. This opportunity is open to people of all ages, from any geographical region, and from various professional backgrounds, allowing for both part-time and full-time engagement.

What do partners do?

Partners distribute and promote the Naario Products and they earn on every product sold through:

  1. Selling Naario Products directly to Customers
  2. Doing Retail Store placements
  3. Corporate Tie-ups

More about Naario Partner Program-

  1. We are a family of over 500 Naario Partners who are earning Rs 20,000 per month with us without any investment.
  2. This is not an MLM company and we don't ask for any membership fees. 
  3. There is no time-bound or sales target. 

What are the steps to be followed to join our Family?

  1.  Attend our Chai Time Session at 4 p.m., which is held five days a week (Monday to Friday).
  2. Send us your information to confirm your interest.
  3. Our team will get in touch with you to begin the onboarding process.
  4. Participate in your first training session.
  5. Place your first orders with us.

Now, let’s hear some stories from our Naario partners about their experiences with Naario:

Ruby Srivastava, a homemaker from Lucknow who earns Rs 15,000 per month by working from home says, "I used to be a member of the Naario Community and enjoyed sharing my unique recipes. I decided to try Naario products one day and discovered that I really liked them. I eventually became a Naario Partner. Now, I work only 2-3 hours per day and make good money."


Varsha is a rising Bhopal star! In just one month, she became one of the Top Performers. She explains "I made my first sale in three days, learned about the products, and shared information and offers with friends and family every day. Now I get repeat orders and see a lot of collaboration opportunities ahead of me." 


Anjula from Lucknow, turns kitties into money-making opportunities. In her words ''I turned my love for kitty parties and Chai Meet-ups into a source of income. I effortlessly promote Naario's products and receive timely feedback without any additional effort."


To conclude, the Naario Partner Program lets women make money from home. It's open to women from everywhere, no matter how old they are or what language they speak and so on. Any woman who's excited and eager can join us and become financially self-sufficient.


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