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Why choose Naario?

Because we feed you what we feed our families. And what I, as a founder eat and feed my own family.

Imagine learning at 22 years of age, that there is a 70% chance you'll end up with diabetes if you don't take care of yourself. (Note- That chance ranges around 30-50% for young adults generally)

That's what happened with me. And that's when I started focussing on my health and habits. The quest to control my food intake slowly turned into an obsession where every calorie was counted and every step was measured. 

But it was madness. Reading the nuances and labels made me feel like every brand out there couldn't care less. And listening to them influencers left me in not two but plenty of minds on what's right and what's wrong.

Thus was born Naario. From research, frustrations and hope.  That maybe, just maybe if we give the ropes of our nutrition to people like our moms, who knows miracles may happen. 

And while on this quest, we met millets. The mighty grains that have been endorsed enough by Modiji. But truth be told, it took me multiple months, close to 80 research papers to actually understand what the hullabaloo was about. 

Now I am very particular, and friends would concur, about what I eat for reasons mentioned above. I have been working on my healthspan for 10+ years now. But I am no influencer, no certified nutritionist, no gym freak.

I am simply somebody who believes that the more food is close to its natural form, the better it is for our body. And if there is a chance to include the mighty millets in our diet, nothing like it. Because these grains are as close to nature as possible. As they do not need chemicals to grow and sustain. 

And the reason you should choose Naario is because from the ground up, every body shares this philosophy. We work with women like your mom and mine to ensure you and I and our families get the best of food. Because if that happens, multiple lifestyle diseases can be put on bay. And another 22 year old will not freak out when she learns she's extremely prone to diabetes!