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Why choose Naario?

Because we feed you what we feed our families. And what I, as a founder eat and feed my own family.

I learnt at 22 years of age, that there is a 70% chance I'll end up with diabetes if I don't take care of myself, as both sides of my family are diabetic. (Note- That chance ranges around 30-50% for young adults generally)

And that's when I started focussing on my health and habits. The quest to control my food intake slowly turned into an obsession where every calorie was counted and every step was measured. 

But it was madness. Reading the nuances and labels made me feel like every brand out there couldn't care less. And listening to influencers left me in not two but plenty of minds on what's right and what's wrong.

When you think about it, food should be our biggest ally, the medicine to all of life's problems. And isn't that exactly what our parents and grandparents have taught us? 

From this thought was born Naario. But it didn't end here.

Then I started thinking ki is notion ko wapas se popular kaise kiya jaaye! And my mom came to rescue. I felt nobody can do the job of nurturing better than our moms. I started a Facebook community to validate this idea.  

And thus we lay the seeds of a brand that is built by women, for women and their families. Naariyan form the key elements of our value chain- from recipe curation to manufacturing to marketing to distribution. I am not going to go into the nitty gritties today. That's a story better told in person! :) 

Now you, dear reader, might wonder, who's "WE"? To your question, this has never been a one person job. My community, the first set of people who believed in this young disillusioned girl became my team. 

We've been on the quest of solving for gaps in nutrition by using the latent talents of women ever since. 

And while on this quest, we met Millets. The mighty grains that have been endorsed enough in the last couple of years. But truth be told, it took me multiple months, close to 80 research papers to actually understand what the hullabaloo was about. 

Now I am very particular, and friends would concur, about what I eat for reasons mentioned above. I have been working on my healthspan for 10+ years now. But I am no influencer, no certified nutritionist, no gym freak.

I am simply somebody who believes that the more food is close to its natural form, the better it is for our body. And if there is a chance to include the mighty millets in our diet, nothing like it. Because these grains are as close to nature as possible. As they do not need chemicals to grow and sustain. 

And the reason you should choose Naario is because from the ground up, everybody shares this philosophy. We work with women like your mom and mine to ensure you and I and our families get the best of food. Because if that happens, multiple lifestyle diseases can be put on bay. 

But our journey doesn't end here. In this next phase, we've already started thinking of overall wellbeing. Of course, we've started experimenting on our community again. More on that soon. 

- Anamika Pandey, Founder