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Naario Ki Kahaani, Naario Ki Zubaani ❤️

“It started with one simple conversation with my mom where I asked her to start selling this absolutely fantastic spice blend she had been making for kebabs and biryani. She shrugged the whole compliment off with a sarcastic yet sad grin- “Log kya kahenge? Aur ye sab kar paati toh kabhi ka kar leti na!” (What will people say? If I was capable of doing what you’re suggesting, I would have done it by now)…

Aap apne ghar me dekho. Khaane ki quality ka sabse zyada impact humaari moms pe padta hai. And they are the people who best understand ki kaun sa ingredient kis proportion me dalna chahiye. And I started thinking that there has to be a solution to this problem. A brand, perhaps, that puts women- the primary customer- front and centre of the value chain. 

So I decided to run calculated experiments- created a Facebook group of women like my mum, conducted 2-3 deep dive calls per day, ran sampling sessions- to understand the need gaps better.

What we slowly realised is that there was a dire need for a brand which creates products, mixes and blends with the same traditional goodness as a mom would, maintaining not just quality but also proportions, and with the same home-like integrity. 

So that's what we did. We put Naari (women) front and centre of Naario. We build for them and with them. And every day since I started working on Naario has been more fulfilling than the previous one.

It amazes me how a bunch of women can come together to build something so beautiful! And I am sure you'll share this feeling once you become a part of this #sceNaario! 

– Anamika Pandey, Founder