Naario Ki Kahaani, Naario Ki Zubaani ❤️

“It started with one simple conversation with my mom where I asked her to start selling this absolutely fantastic spice blend she had been making for kebabs and biryani. She shrugged the whole argument off with a sarcastic yet sad grin- “Log kya kahenge? Aur ye sab kar paati toh kabhi ka kar leti na!” (What will people say? If I was capable of doing what you’re suggesting, I would have done it by now)…

It was heartbreaking to see a woman like her, who’s given everything for her family, not be able to support a dream of her own! I started talking to friends of hers to see if they had started something of her own as that would convince her better. It started dawning on me that this was a much bigger problem. These were women who had amazing talents- some even had MBA degrees and weren’t able to venture out for so many reasons. Mostly because they did not know how to start something outright.

So I decided to run calculated experiments. I got a bunch of women (including my mom) together to understand their creative talents and if the market was in need of what they had to offer. We ran a small workshop in Gorakhpur around the end of January which was a major success. Six homemakers had turned up with different food products out of which four products were a major hit. I still wasn’t sure if the hypothesis was proven so we did thorough sampling during Holi and voila! All the sample products were sold out! This gave me the confidence to quit a very well paying job at BigBasket and venture into this unknown territory, along with this female workforce who was ready to create its identity. 

We started a small Facebook group to connect with like-minded women and as it turned out, some were very very business savvy. We formed a business model where some women who’re really passionate about food, launch their food products under Naario and some other women who like the thrill of business, head distribution in their respective localities. All tying their creative talents to their financial independence! 

Every day, since I started working on Naario, has been more fulfilling than the previous day. It amazes me how a bunch of women can come together to build something so beautiful! 

All of us are more than thrilled to be a part of Naario and creating history together! 🚀

– Anamika Pandey, Founder