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kuttu ki poori

Ingredients -

Buckwheat flour 250 gm {kuttu ka aata}
Boiled potato 2 medium size
Naario himalayan pink salt- as per taste
Oil for frying
Normal water as per need

Procedure - 

1. First of all, to make poories, put boiled potatoes in a big bowl or paraat & mash the potatoes.
2. Now put buckwheat flour in it.
3. Add pink salt & mix all with hand, well
4. Now add little water and knead the dough, like we do for roti.
5. Now apply some oil on the dough.
6. Then pour sufficient oil in wok and heat it after placing on medium to high flame.
7. After this, take out a portion from the dough and make a small ball.
8. Now give it a round shape with both the palms
9. Now apply some oil in hand, and using both your hands spread the ball into a flat round bread. 
10. After the Ball is spread enough put it into the hot oil, and fry it
11. After this take out the poori from oil and fry all poories in the same way.
12. Now serve them fresh with prepared Aloo ka Raita and enjoy your vrat wali meal.


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